To participate at the Hackathon, please follow these guidelines - 

  1. Please register on the Kaltura Connect site.
  2. Sign up for your free Kaltura Developer Account.
  3. Build a Kaltura based video experience - and submit to the first round of judging on Sunday at 5pm!
  4. Participants are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. Those who violate these rules may be asked to leave and have their submission disqualified.
  5. Applications must be based on Kaltura, either as core server plugins, player plugins or API based applications.
  6. ONLY applications that were created during the hackathon weekend will be accepted. Applications that were build prior to the hackathon weekend (June 13-15, 2014) will be disqualified.
  7. Participants must either work alone or as groups (sharing the prize). We welcome individuals of all different interests, from design, developers to entrepreneurs and storytelles! 
  8. You will maintain the copyrights of your application. You are encouraged to open source your app in the spirit of Kaltura - however it's definitely your decision.
  9. Participants who will graduate their applications, may also be assisted in joining the Kaltura Tech Partners Program and commercializing their applications.
  10. Our sponsors; Voicebase and Rackspace will also offer prizes for applications that will leverage both Kaltura and their APIs. Stay tuned for the prizes and challenges at the Hackathon.
  11. Finalists must be submitted to the ChallengePost hackathon page by 5PM on Sunday, June 15th. 
  12. Appilcations must be complete, and usable to be accepted as finalists. The completeness of an application will be at the judges discretion.

Specific rules may be announced at the event. 


To become a finalist submitters must -

  1. Be LIVE for judges and crowd testing by Sunday (June 15) at 5pm.
  2. Record a 45 seconds video describing their applications and performing a walk-through of it.
  3. If your application is open source - the code should be made available on Bonus points will be given to open source applications.
  4. Applications must be developed based on the Kaltura API, and may also leverage the free accounts provided by Rackspace and VoiceBase.
  5. Any programming language or platform may be used.
  6. Appilcations must be complete, and usable to be accepted as finalists.