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almost 6 years ago

This Weekend - The Video Experience Hackathon - Please Confirm Your Participation

We look forward to meeting you at the Video Experience Hackathon this weekend, starting Friday at 4pm!    

To prepare for the hackathon, please register for a free Kaltura Developer Account.


Participating On Site in NYC    

If you’re joining us in person, the hackathon will be hosted at 5 Union Square West, NY, NY 10003, on the 5th floor.

  • We will have lots of food, soft drinks, and coffee served throughout the weekend to keep everyone energized. 
  • At the venue we will have Kaltura, VoiceBase and Rackspace experts who will be there as mentors to help you get started quickly and learn the APIs and SDKs.
  • We will be running wifi based on AT&T LTE network. It should be enough bandwidth to serve everyone, but if you have your own hotspot – feel free to bring it for your own dedicated internet connection.


Participating Online – NEW!

If you couldn’t make it to NYC this week – you can still participate at the Hackathon!

  • We will be Live Streaming the opening keynote, the API presentations and the first round of judging on Sunday evening. The URL to watch the Live Stream is
  • Developers who finish their apps by Sunday will be invited to present their application via video to the judges during Sunday evening’s first round of screening.
  • Mentors from Kaltura, VoiceBase and Rackspace will be hanging out over at the IRC #kaltura channel on for online assistance with the APIs and SDKs.


The Hackathon Schedule

  • We will meet on Friday, June 13, at 4pm for gathering and networking, the presentations and Live Stream will begin at 5:30pm. 
  • Application hacking will officially begin at 9pm on Friday and last until Sunday at 4pm. 
  • On Sunday at 5pm we will have the first round of judging, where the finalists will be chosen. 
  • The finalists will be chosen based on meeting all "Judging Criteria”: is the application original, fully functional, based on Kaltura, and can be presented publicly. 
  • On Sunday, we will also open for public voting by the community and Kaltura Connect attendees – so make sure your app is presentable and accessible online!
  • Finalists will be invited to Kaltura Connect at Jazz at Lincoln Center, to present their apps at the closing keynote on June 18th where the final judging will take place, and the winners will be announced! 


We’re looking forward to hacking together!